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Information on Keeping & Caring for Swordtail Fish

Swordtails are fairly popular live bearing fish. They grow to between 3" and 4" in length and do well in an aquarium that is 20 gallons or larger. They are fairly social and should be kept in small to medium sized groups. When keeping them in an aquarium the best option is to keep 4 or more of them. Keeping 4 to 6 in a 20 gallon tank is ideal. Do to the more aggressive nature of male swordtails there should be plenty of females for every male. A good number is 4 or more females for every male Swordtail.

Male Tuxedo Swordtail

When keeping swordtails, the best water conditions are tank water temperature that is close 80 Fahrenheit with pH values between 7.5-8.2 and hardness of about 15-30 dGH. Swordtails are pretty hardy and can tolerate some variations in those numbers.

Swordtails are fairly social fish and make good additions to community tanks. They will mix well with other swordtails, live bearers and peaceful fish that are similar in size.